About Us

What We Do

We are the premier electrician St.Charles MO and plumber of choice in the surrounding city area and we have been serving our clients for over 50 years now. For the past 50 years, you learn a thing or two about how to treat people well. You also see a thing or two about the electrical and plumbing trade. Due to the last 50 years of experience under our tool belts, it’s been our mission to continually justify ourselves as the best electrician St Charles MO you could work with!

All of our workers are licensed and drug tested to ensure you have the best workers possible in your home. Whether the job is a simple panel fix or a large-scale home rewire, the past 50 years have shown our leadership team and staff everything under the sun. Do not fret! Loveland Home Solutions is here to stay and bring you great service every time.

Service Area

We proudly serve the St Charles, Missouri area. While we’re headquartered in St. Charles, expect our trucks to fly around all over St. Louis metro area. We offer our world-class service from St. Peter to St. Louis and everywhere in between. We’ve been in this community the entire time and we certainly don’t want to get kicked out after 50 years! Here’s a list of the many top cities we work in around the St. Louis metro area:

  • St. Charles
  • St. Peters
  • St. Louis
  • Maryland Heights
  • Richmond Heights
  • Chesterfield
  • O’ Fallon
  • Florissant
  • Town and Country
  • Clayton
  • Many more cities and suburbs in the St. Louis metro!

Main Goal/Purpose of Business

Loveland Home Solutions was formed to help bring value to our customer’s as one of the best electrician St Charles Mo teams around. We strive every day to help people with their electrical and plumbing problems. We understand that you have much bigger things to worry about than a light that will not turn on or a toilet that will not flush. We do all the work we can to make sure that we are helping solve problems in the community that people need to be done. We’ve certainly spent the past 50 years making sure that our customers are thrilled to work with us and we won’t stop making people happy.

Core Values

With any electrical contractor, plumbing technician or really any company in general, you want to know what’s important to their organization. What are the core ideas and policies that need to be enforced with their work? What are the core beliefs and standards that we set at Loveland Home Solutions?

Customer Service

Customer service is at the forefront of our electrician St Charles Mo business and we want to make sure that whenever you work with us, you’re treated fairly. There are a number of things that we do to make sure we are consistently pleasing our customers. With our customer service guarantee, we never leave the job unless you’re completely satisfied with the work that we’ve done. We offer consistent communication so you know whenever you’re working with us, you’re always going to be updated on the status of your job.

You never have to worry when you work with us. In fact with our communication, we schedule all jobs within a 48 hour scheduling window. This is powerful because whenever you call us, you’re never going to have to wait a week or two for a licensed electrician or plumber to come out to your house to fix your problem. Oftentimes, we’ll be there before the end of the day!


We want to make sure that we maintain a high level of trust with all of our customers because trust is the most important thing to have in a business relationship. Trust is earned over a long period of time where you consistently do what you say you are going to do. It involves integrity right from the start and five years later when you call us for another issue! Whenever you hire a contractor, you take on a lot of risk by letting somebody into your home that you don’t know. We want to make sure that we can minimize the risk by being a trustworthy company that you can use time and time again.

One of the ways that we want to make sure that we’re maintaining trust is through our safety inspections. Our safety inspections are completely complementary and they’re going to allow you to better understand what’s going on in your home. Whenever you have a safety inspection, you’re going to be able to get an in-depth analysis of the many different aspects of your electric and plumbing system. You won’t always find such a detailed diagnosis and process from other electrician St Charles Mo teams.


There are not a lot of other companies out there that can say they have almost 50 years of experience when it comes to helping out customers. There aren’t a lot of people who can say they have over 50 years of experience AT LIFE! For over 50 years, we’ve learned more than a thing or two about our trade. That’s why you’ll find that with each job, we’re incorporating a high level of attention and detail to each inspection. This level of experience shows that we will be able to fix a lot of problems quickly because we’ve seen them hundreds of times before. You’re never going to have to worry about an inexperienced technician wasting hours on your job because he doesn’t understand what’s going on. And if we hire a new guy to work your job, we’ll grill him and make him into a great electrician St Charles MO.


We want to make sure we are always building a relationship with our electrician St Charles Mo customers because we understand that this is the driving force behind our business. Without our customers, we simply wouldn’t have a business! You’ll even find proof of our excellence by simply Googling us. We currently have (as of March 2020), over 60 people screaming out praises about 5-star work. So based off of our 50 years of excellence and the literal proof online to verify the excellence, this should validate that we build great relationships with our clientele.

Affordable, Honorable Pricing

How many times have you been stunned by the bill after a contractor leaves your home? How many times have you been told one price, to then be charged a higher price at the end of a job? There are a lot of other contractors out there that are going to throw high prices at you because they know you don’t know anything about the industry. That’s why we make sure that we maintain good customer service with our upfront and honest pricing. You’re going to know the price before we start the job and it’s going to be the price that you pay. We make sure that we stay on budget 100% of the time and we will never surprise you with outrageous pricing or hidden cost at the end of it.


We make sure that we are always using the highest quality parts that best fit your budget. Whenever you use the best parts available, you’ll quickly tell that you made the correct investment. In the short-term and long-term, high quality parts and products benefit your wallet and safety. Whenever you work with us, you can rest assured that you’re going to have one of the highest levels of expertise and quality on every single job. Give us a call today or fill out a form on our website for one of our trustworthy electrician St Charles MO professionals to assist you!