What Services Do You Offer?

It may seem like you can handle any electrical repair just like an electrician St Charles MO would. With a youtube tutorial and a can-do attitude, but you should always leave the hard work to the professionals. You put yourself at risk of electrocution, starting a big fire, shorting out your system, damaging expensive appliances and many more potential errors. That’s why you call a licensed electrician St Charles Mo. It’s not worth damaging your equipment or getting yourself hurt because you “can fix it yourself” and save money.

We can help with a million different needs like electric home safety inspections, repairs, and panel upgrades or replacements. Even if you have been wanting new lights in your bathroom, kitchen or landscape we can help! If you’re looking for someone to help you put in a light and do some light remodeling we can do that too!

No matter what your needs are from a residential electrician St Charles MO, we will be able to help. Some of the most common jobs that we actually do are lighting and repair work. There’s a lot of services here that we’ve listed that we can perform and there’s going to be a lot of other services that we can do too that aren’t listed here. That’s why it’s pivotal for you to simply give us a call today or fill out a form on our website. Tell us what your problem is, so that way we can better help understand what’s going on and get you the right solution to your problem.

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Benefits of Using an Electrician St Charles MO?

One of the main benefits of using a licensed electrician is getting your problem solved correctly the first time. If you go and break something or get yourself hurt in the process of doing a manual repair, you’re going to wish you would have called an electrician. Ultimately in the long run, it’ll save you a lot of time and money if you use a licensed expert.

All our experts have been verified for their knowledge and safety. The experts are going to make sure everything is done up to code and that the problems that occurred are never going to happen again. Another benefit of using a licensed electrician is that it could reduce the cost of your electric bill dramatically. This is especially true if you use a trustworthy and honest electrician St Charles MO. There are plenty of electricians that will simply jump to full replacement, when really, the job can be solved through a repair.

What Happens If You Wait Too Long?

If you wait too long to get a repair on a damaged electric system, it could start racking up the cost very quickly. Even worse, if you continue to use outdated paneling or electrical circuitry, you’ll find yourself in a safety hazard before you know it. You’re going to want to make sure that you get electric problems addressed as soon as possible because these are just potentially dangerous or lethal hazards waiting to happen. If you have any exposed wires, this could be dangerous for any kids or pets nearby because they could accidentally get electrocuted. That’s why at Loveland Home Solutions, we’ll recommend that you utilize our maintenance program. We’ll regularly visit homes on an annual basis to give the thumbs up on their home’s electrical and plumbing safety. Schedule a service call today and if you’re a brand new customer, there’s no trip charge!


Why is Continual Maintenance Important?

Ongoing maintenance is a very important part of any home’s upkeep. Just like it’s important to get an oil change in your car every so often, it’s important to make sure that you have an inspection done on your home so you can see everything is up to code. Every time that you call us out to a job, we’re going to make sure that we do a safety inspection on your home. We want you to understand what’s wrong in the major areas of your electric system. We perform this inspection absolutely free of charge so that way you can get a better understanding of what’s going on in your home. It includes 11 points of emphasis that cover the entire home’s electrical system. Wouldn’t you enjoy knowing that your home’s electrical system was in complete, tip top shape? Approved by an electrician St Charles MO?

It’s not every day that you have a licensed electrician St Charles Mo in your house looking at your system and that’s why we want to make sure that we can bring the highest quality of value to our customers by providing them this inspection. The whole goal of the inspection is to make sure that everything is running as smoothly as possible. We would love for every single one of our inspections to come back green on all fronts. If this happens, you can know that everything in your house is running as efficiently as possible. Oftentimes this isn’t the case and there are one or two parts of your house that could be improved for efficiency purposes. Not only will this save you money, but it will reduce headaches in the long-term. So if you’d to only call us one time and never need to call us for several years down the road, then go ahead and reach out to Loveland Home Solutions today!

Top Three Reasons to Call Loveland Home Solutions

But why in the wide, wide world of sports should you call us??

  1. We’re Affordable – We make sure that we’re never going to destroy your budget and if the prices are just too tight, we’ll provide options to fund yourself through payments and 3rd party financing.
  2. We’re Highly Rated and Reviewed – With many, many people screaming our praises on Google and other websites, it shouldn’t be too surprising why so many people want to work with us.
  3. Great Scheduling and Communication – With our 48 Hour Scheduling Policy, text reminders and continual communication with each customer, we’ll be a diamond in the rough when it comes to contractors in the St. Louis metro area.